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Consulting, implementation and installation are priced on a per project basis.

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Consulting, implementation and installation projects of $10,000 or less are paid up front.

For projects over $10,000 half is due up front with the other half due upon completion.

Hardware, Software, Vendor Services and Support

For orders of $25,000 or less, payment is due upon arrival of hardware/software license/vendor service documentation (contract, entitlement #, sales order #)/vendor support documentation (contract, entitlement #, sales order #).

For orders over $25,000 payment is due in full before order is placed with vendor or distributor.

Specialized and Lightly-Managed Services

Service begins when payment is received.


It is not in our best interest to do anything not in your best interest. We will not intentionally, knowingly, or willing do anything to damage your business or organization. That said, people make mistakes. Should a dispute arise it will be handled via arbitration in Tulsa, OK, USA.

Copies of error and omission and cybersecurity insurance certificates are available to our customers upon request.